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    TEM Limited is specialized in developing and manufacturing many kinds of metal products, such as sheet metal products, stamping / pressing products, precision machining products, assembly or sub-assembly, etc. And we can do Chrome Plating, Powder Coating and other surface treatment for our customers.  TEM has the experience and knowledge to co-ordinate multi-layer supply chains and outsource other related parts, such as die casting parts, plastic parts, rubber parts, electric components, etc., which allowing us the ability to provide our customers complete sub-assemblies and even finished goods inspected, tested and boxed ready for sale. Our products cover many fields, such as supermarket equipment (shelving, checkout, guidance products, etc.), electrical parts, computer parts, hardware parts, automobile parts, furniture parts, etc.

    Our factories locate in YANGTZE RIVER DELTA, where there is perfect combination of highest manufacturing technics and reasonable manufacturing cost. And our sales office locates in Shanghai which brings us much convenient to communicate with our customers and provide better services.

    We devote ourselves to achieve competitive prices, good quality and on-time delivery. We are looking forward to working with you.